In 2010, the United Nations Human Development Index of 169 countries, Pakistan ranked 125. Honor killings, rape and trafficking of women are prevalent throughout much of the country. Recent research has shown that "most of the women in the sample plots in villages despite having the right to inherit land is owned by less than 3%." Low literacy rates (54.2% of the adult population in 2010) and poor health (23% of the country are malnourished) means that 1 in 10 children die before the age of five years.

The biggest obstacle to girls' education in Pakistan is the lack of access. Education across the country has created demand rather than supply, which means that the number of boys in schools often girls € ™, especially in rural areas. Average for the girl, the school is too far away, too expensive or not safe enough to allow him to attend to his parents even if he wanted to go to.

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