Youth is a major resource as well as agents for socio economic change, growth and developing entrepreneurship. Youth is defined as the population in the age group 13 to 29 years and the period of this life is most productive and useful of one's life by virtue of the nascent energies they endowed with by nature.

Youth plays a vital role in society; every change comes after new ideas by sharing with each other. Youth is full of these ideas and they knew very well that how to utilize these ideas to change the society.

Not only in Pakistan but entire the world it is only Youth who can ameliorate the country. They have the power of Education in their potential age.

Youth Problems :

 Unemployment
 Self Steam
 Drug Addiction
 Social & Injustice
 Poverty and etc

Youth in Pakistan:

Youth is defined as a period during which a person prepares himself/herself to be an active and fully, responsible member of the society. IT is a period of transformation form family dependent childhood to independent and adulthood and integration in the society as a responsible citizen.

● Various countries use different age groups for defining the population of youth for Pakistan the population in the age group 13-29 years is taken as young population. This age group is consistent with the definition of youth taken bye the common wealth.

● Youth total population in Pakistan now recently rating survey its about 63% it means that over more than 63% population of young leader's in Pakistan. All over the word in Pakistan only that much youth huge capacity of population.